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Construction projects rank high on the scale of challenging endeavors, given the sheer complexity, number of moving parts, team members and stakeholders involved to coordinate a successful project outcome. Knowing the financial consequences of poor management, it is of paramount importance that all project steps are managed judiciously; through best practices and principles from inception to completion.

Often, organizations do not possess the in-house personnel to prosecute sizeable construction management endeavors, or there are simply too many concurrent projects for in-house PM-staff to manage efficiently. We can expand your construction management staff with aptly specialized expertise, specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Dalcan prides itself on the cooperative, adaptable and ‘get-it-done’ attitude that our professionals are known for.

Whether in need of pre-planning schedules for early-funding/inception phases of a project, a comprehensive construction time-determination-schedule or a full-blown schedule that includes all phases of a DBFMOT mega-project, capturing all scope from cradle to conclusion, including a detailed construction schedule in the middle of it all, a properly methodized and formulated schedule is indispensable for achieving on-time and on/under-budget project success.